The purchasing and the choice of the products are activities handled in person by the holder thus guaranteeing the full attention and care of the details necessary to obtain always high quality materials.

In addition, regular visits to sawmills located in various parts of the world are carried out; in this way the productive process are checked and the new productions can be controlled.

Regarding the timber our company deals in softwood, hardwood, exotic hardwood. In details:

Resinous lumbers

Typer From
Fir card Scandinavia, Austria
Pine card Scandinavia, Austria
Larch card Scandinavia, Austria
Douglas card North America
Hemlock card North America
Yellow Pine North America

Hardwood timber

Type From
Chestnut card Russia, France
Ash card France, East Europe
White o Brown Ash card North America
Poplar card Italy
Oak card East Europe
Red o White oak (Rovere rosso o bianco) North America
Linden card France, East Europe
Beech card Central Europe
Alder card North America
Red Elm card North America
Cottonwood card North America
Willow North America
Tulipier card North America

Exotic hardwoods

Type From
Ayous card West Africa
Wawa West Africa
Bahia card West Africa
Kotò card West Africa
Niangon card West Africa
Okoumè card West Africa
Samba West Africa
Sipo card West Africa
Iroko card West Africa
Frakè card West Africa
Meranti card South East Asia
Jelutong card South East Asia
Paulownia card South East Asia
Ramin card South East Asia


Type From
Teak card South east Asia
Chestnut card France
Tulipier card North America
Niangon card West Africa
Sipo card West Africa
Iroko card West Africa
Frakè card West Africa