The quality of our work is also measured by obtaining certifications that attest the attention of the company towards the theme of environmental protection in addition to the quality of the material.

FSC Certification

FSC® is a no-profit no- government international organization, and it represents a system of forest certification internationally recognized.

FSC begins with a group of environmentalist associations, indigenous populations organizations, forest producers, lumber industries and forest engeneers. Their aim is to promote a management of forests and plantations which is environmentally responsible, good for society and economically valid. All that is possibile through the determination of general principles and criterion for a good forest management internationally recognized and applied.

Certification aims at proper management and traceability of products; it is founded on a group of Principles and Criterion based on environmental and social rigorous parameters, valid all over the world, defined in a balanced way by the different groups which are part of the organization.

In 2011 our company got FSC 100% and FSC mix credit certification for round wood, solid wood, engineered wood, wood panels as specified at the following link.

Fitok Certification

Our company is Fitok certified according to the ISPM-15 standard: this standard defines the phytosanitary measures to be implemented in international trade to mitigate the likelihood of introduction and / or spread of harmful organisms in packaging materials made of rough wood of conifers and plywood

Therefore, FITOK certified timber meets the requirements to avoid contamination for packaging materials and is a guarantee of quality and safety

Our company got the Fitok certification during the year 2015. 

PEFC Certification

PEFC certification is a system of procedures that, if applied, ensure sustainable forest management at national and regional level involving all the figures of the wood chain from forest owners to end consumers by passing from traders to manufacturing industries

The ultimate target is to ensure the traceability of every step of the wood-based final product so as to ensure not only that it comes from forests that meet high standards of ecological sustainability but also from plants and industries that aim at achieving social benefits as well as economic benefits

Our company got the PEFC certification during the year 2013